A Better Business Year in 2019 with Improved Office Recycling

Here’s an interesting fact: Australia is one of the biggest waste producers per person in the world. Now, guess which sector is the biggest contributor to all the waste produced in Australia?That’s right. It’s the commercial and industrial sector – offices, manufacturing, restaurants, retail, etc.In a time when waste management is becoming a bigger concern among Australian consumers, as well as those in other parts of the globe, offices in Australia need to step up. And with the new year just around the bend, it’s the perfect time to buy better recycle bins for offices and improve your business waste management tactics.

recycle bins for offices

Benefits of Improving Your Office Recycle Program for 2019

A new year brings a promise of new opportunities and fresh starts. And by kicking off 2019 with better office recycling solutions, you can enjoy these opportunities:

– Less waste production

– Fewer expenses, which equals more savings and bigger profit

– Boosting your business image and corporate social responsibility

– Better habits in managing waste among your staff

– More organised and cleaner office (with the help of a strategically placed colour-coded recycling bin system)

Easy Ways to Improve Your Office Recycling

Many businesses hesitate to implement a new or improved waste management program due to the additional expense and effort. However, there are actually many office recycling solutions that are cost-efficient and simple to implement.

1. Buy the proper recycle bins for offices.

Colour-coded waste bins with clear labelling can help avoid confusion and help with proper waste management.

Ecobin is a company that makes recycling and waste bins which have bright colours. This ensures that the bins are highly noticeable and that there is no mistaking what each container is intended for. Click here EcoBin

Plus, their products are Australian made and some are even produced from recycled materials – bonus points for anyone who wants to step up their business sustainability profile. You can check out their office recycling and waste bins on their website www.ecobin.com.au.

2. Place a compost kitchen bin in your office pantry.

This allows you to properly separate food waste and other compostable materials. You can then use the compost for your office plants.

Or what about growing vegetables in pots or at your rooftop garden with the “black gold” you produce? All that fresh produce can then be prepared into healthy meals for your staff.

3. Make sure there are enough bins around the workplace.

Let’s face it. Having to walk all the way to the copying room to properly segregate papers for recycling can seem like a feat which takes up too much energy, especially after a series of meetings or running after a deadline.

The perfect solution? Place paper recycle bins for offices on each staff member’s desk or at each co-working hub.

Make sure there are also enough waste bins distributed strategically around the workplace for other types of recylables and landfill items. Identify high traffic areas and spots ideal for a waste bin system setup. The goal is to make waste disposal and segregation much easier and faster for everyone.

4. Avoid one-use items.

There are so many ways to avoid one-use items in the office.

Encourage wiser use of paper such as printing on both sides of a paper, reusing printouts into a notepad, or using shredded paper as packaging material.

Buy products like coffee, tea, and hand soap in bulk. Encourage the use of refillable containers in the pantry and bathrooms, as well as the use of mugs, tumblers, and reusable water bottles.

5. Provide incentives.

Create recycling and waste management business goals with the help of all staff members. Then, decide on a reward if you are able to hit those goals monthly, quarterly, and/or by the end of the year. With a more tangible reward in sight, everybody can feel more motivated to step up and do more to improve your office recycling program.

Get Everyone on Board

The knowledge and cooperation of everyone in your organisation are key to succeeding with your office recycling and waste reduction.

What good is a compost bin kitchen setup if people don’t use it or throw non-compostable materials in it?

Get everyone involved in your office recycling program, from the planning to the implementation. With systems in place and with good coordination, the whole process can be smoother and the results more successful.

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