Arcare and Its Relationship-Focused Approach for Aged Care

For Arcare, an Australian aged care facility, it became clear in 2012 after a dialogue with stakeholders that the most pleasurable and treasured experiences they had involved relationships. In 2013, the administration gathered all the stakeholders to come up with a unique model for giving care that makes relationships the center of everyone’s lives. This model makes Arcare one of the trustworthy aged care facilities in Australia.

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Their model of care in an Australian aged care facility entails deepening and developing the interdependent relationships between the residents, employees, staff, and the families the core of the aged care facility. This makes it the facility’s main objective to ensure the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the residents.

This approach to providing care can be credited to a shift of philosophy. Most people believed that old age implies sickness and frailty before. Now, the aged care industry advocates old age as a time for celebrating the longevity and the gift of life. The continuous nurturing of the mind, body, and soul, never stops in aged care.

The aged care’s employees are also motivated to make sure their daily thoughts and actions are aligned with this strength-based method of providing care for the elderly.

It’s through this approach and philosophy that Arcare gained a good reputation which catapulted it to the forefront of aged care providers worldwide. It has been published, talked about, and filmed. This Australian aged care facility had been invited to several national and international conferences on aged care services.

For the relationship-focused approach to be implemented, the facility makes use of the senses-framework. This simply means engaging the six senses to enhance one’s general well-being.

Hence you might wonder why relationships are made as the centre of this new approach for providing care in this Australian aged care facility. It is because having healthy relationships with everyone can prevent mental disorders like depression. That is why residents in the aged care residence are encouraged to participate in meaningful social activities. This along with maintaining robust relationships are the key to healthy aging. Click here Arcare

Loneliness is common among seniors in an Australian aged care facility. This is particularly true for those who went through a divorce or those who had been widowed. Also, children of elderly parents have to be conscious of the signs of rejection from their parents. The moment they start losing interest in caring for themselves, skipping appointments with the doctor, not interacting socially, and rejecting any kind of help, it means they are feeling lonely.

Once all of those become noticeable, it’s time to start making some changes. Encourage the elderly to go out and meet new people. Healthy relationships have their own levels. It can be a simple good morning greeting to the same individual daily. It can be having some tea with people who share the same interests as your elderly parents.

Most elderly people avoid social interactions especially those who live alone. This attitude will likely leaa d to mental and physical decline in the long run. Having an interpersonal relationship whether with another individual or pet is a great leap to reassuring your elderly loved ones a fruitful life even in old age.

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