What You Must Know Before Buying Boxing Handwraps

If you would like to use boxing for training, you need to have the right gears in order to do it safely. One of the most important gears that you will need is a handwrap. Since you will be using your hands for boxing, you need to protect it from impact and to avoid injury. You can also buy boxing handwraps online but you need to keep yourself informed to make the right choice.

boxing handwraps online

Handwrap Styles

In general, there are two types of handwraps that you can choose from: traditional or Mexican. A traditional handwrap is made of cotton weave. This material does not stretch easily. The lack of give makes it tight and can easily cut off blood flow in your hands. Hence, you have to be extra careful when tying traditional handwraps so that it will not make you feel uncomfortable.

Mexican handwraps, on the other hand, are made of semi-elastic material that gives it more stretch capacity. Hence, it is more comfortable to use and ensure great fit. The material also ensures a snug fit so that it stays on place throughout your boxing session. The best part is that the material would not cut through your hands while you are wearing the wrap.

Training or Competition

Aside from the type of material used, the purpose is an important factor to consider when you buy boxing handwraps online. The type of handwraps you use for training is different from the ones you used for competition.

Training wraps are typically equipped with a Velcro strap. Common materials for training wraps are gel and cotton. A training wrap is also designed to be reusable. Meanwhile, competition wraps are made of gauze material. They are not reusable like training wraps.

Additional Tips for Buying

When buying boxing handwraps online or on your local athletic store, you need to take note of these additional tips:

• Do not focus solely on brands. Handwraps are simple pieces of equipment with a standard procedure on how they are manufactured. Hence, you should not worry too much about the quality according to what brands can offer. Pick one that you are most comfortable with and go with it.

• Choose lengthy handwraps. There are traditional handwraps that are a bit short but Mexican handwraps are much longer. You need the handwraps to be really long so it can effectively wrap over your hands and knuckles.

• Slip-on handwrap gloves are not your best choice. In fact, this product should not be sold at all because it can never replace what handwraps can do. Handwraps offer a tighter coverage so your hands and knuckles get more protection.

• Choose a wide Velcro closure. With a wide closure, it helps to keep the Velcro stay together for longer. If you use thin Velcro closure, there is a tendency for the closure to slip off and come apart.

A handwrap is an important piece to have in your arsenal if you are going to take boxing seriously. You should never box without it. Using the tips above, you can guarantee that your hands and knuckles are free from injury.