Bike Fitting: Importance and How To Choose

A bike that fits right is one that facilitates your riding style, of the right height and makes the overall riding experience comfortable. If your bike does not meet all of these criteria, then your bike is probably not fitted right. Bike fit is one of the most important aspects of riding; hence, you should consider this when you buy from a cycling shop Sydney has today. If you fail to do that, you will end up with muscles aches and discomfort during and after your ride. This is an important point to address when you are riding your bike on off country roads and rugged terrains. General Bike Fitting Tips To ensure the right fit when you buy from a cycling shop Sydney Alexandria has to offer, you need to observe the following guidelines:
  • It should first and foremost fit your current riding style. When it comes down to it, you have to choose a bike that has the performance characteristics you need to suit your riding style. For example, a road bike that fits great would still offer an uncomfortable ride if you are using it on rugged terrains. A bike should be designed to the terrain you intend to use it on before you can consider about bike fitting.
  • Consider fine-tuning the fit. The overall bike frame size will determine the fitting of the bike. Therefore, you should look at the frame size as the first area of consideration when visiting Two Monkeys Cycling shop has to offer for a new bike. Without the right frame size, you will difficulty making any adjustments with a bike you got from a cycling store Sydney Alexandria has today. Once you have the right frame size, it is easy to adjust the other components of the bike such as the handlebars, seat height and angle, etc.
  • Don’t forget the cleat fit too. The placement of the cleat is also crucial to your riding experience. Make sure that your shoe will fit into the cleat; if not, it will be an uncomfortable ride all throughout. In fact, the ill-fitting cleat is one of the reasons bike riders suffer from knee pain and Achilles discomfort.
Tips for Shopping Online Ensuring the right bike fit when you shop online is a bit more difficult, but still possible. The first thing you have to do is to get your measurements. When you are shopping for a bike, get the measurements of the bike too. You must then do a side-by-side comparison of your measurement and that of the bike to ensure that it is the right fit. You can also visit a local Sydney Alexandria bike shop if an online shop has a local store. That way, you can do your research online and then check the actual bikes at the store. This will save you plenty of time while shopping for a new bike. Confident you can purchase a new bike that fits right? Go to this cycling shop Sydney has to offer: You will find a variety of bike types and sizes that will fit your needs and ensure a comfortable ride!

Creating the Best Flags for an Advertising Campaign

Advertising flags can be highly effective channels of promoting different products, services and events. Brightly colored banners manage capturing the attention of any target audience easily while flapping away in the wind. If designed appropriately, such kinds might occasion successful advertising campaigns.


Diversity of Flag Options

Some of the options available for advertising flags in Australia for instance are traditional, teardrop and feather varieties. Traditional ensigns make for ideal choices when someone is operating under a tight budget due to their affordable nature and ability to grab the attention of passersby. Conversely, teardrop banners suit indoor and outdoor applications, being quite functional options that suit windy conditions. Their unique shape ensures they do not wrap around the pole as happens with traditional ensigns.

Feather or Bali flags are yet another option on offer, named after their shape for not being frail and light as one would imagine. These come in diverse sizes and are suited well to windy conditions. Certain elements require being considered for one to create a successful advertising flag.


The number of colors which one intends to have on an advertising flag may affect the printing cost directly. As well, it may dictate what form of printing is best to apply. Digital printing presents a better opportunity of attaining high quality Australia flags. As such, it helps ensuring to select attractive colors that also market your brand effectively.


Flag materials easily end up determining both the appearance and cost of producing a particular one. It is vital to consider well where one desires flags to be placed and select a suitable material for their production. If a given flag is meant for outdoor display for instance, one requires choosing a fabric that is capable of withstanding harsh outdoor elements. It is crucial to consider quality and printing capabilities too when selecting the manufacturing material.


The logo or text and images you wish to have on your advertising flag ought to guide you into choosing an appropriate size of banner. Do remember that details of your ensign require being sufficiently large as to be readable depending on where you wish to place them. It is advisable to always opt for a larger flag which offers optimum visibility to ensure attaining noticeable and detailed images. More information brand name: Flags and Flagpoles

Printed Sides

A business owner also requires deciding on whether to have prints on one or both sides of advertising banners. Normally, one sided banners bleed color through the other side, while double sided banners get created using three layers of materials and can thus be printed on either side. The double sided ensigns are costlier, yet neater relative to the one sided option.

There are numerous advertising flag options and one can select diverse kinds to suit any kind of flagpole imaginable. Settling for a trustworthy flag factory would enable you to buy flags of customized nature to address your requirements.

If in need of getting an advertising flag, flag pole or Federation flag within Australia, be sure to check out for swift attention to your concerns.

Choosing a Mountain Bike: What to Consider

Mountain bikes come in different sizes and shapes. Most of them are designed in a manner that meets the needs of anyone who loves going out on the trails. For anyone who is new to cycling, it can often be confusing especially when it comes to choosing the right bike that will make your cycling experience enjoyable. But how does one get started then? Well, whether you are an experienced cyclist or a novice, getting a good bike shop is always the first step towards choosing the best bike. Two monkeys Cycling Alexandria is one of the bike shops that have received a lot of attraction online in the recent days. There are several other bike shops, but the question is, are they providing bikes that suit your needs?

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Bike

  • Budget. The first thing you need to consider when planning to purchase a mountain bike is how much you are willing to pay. Two Monkeys Cycling Alexandria along with any other Sydney Alexandria bike shop has a variety of bikes that clients can choose. If you are new to cycling, you have to understand that apart from the bike, you also have to purchase accessories such as: helmet, water bottle, pedals and bike rack. Therefore, you have to factor all this in your budget.
  • Riding Style. This is also a very important factor to consider before heading to any bike shop. A good bike shop Sydney Alexandria has will design and sell bikes for different kinds of terrains. Therefore, you need to be specific with the type of bike that you want to purchase. For instance, if the mountain bike is intended for cross-country or trail, you should be able to explain that to the shop attendant so that he or she can advise you on the best bike for such a terrain.
  • The size of the wheel. This is also an important consideration when it comes to purchasing a mountain bike in a cycle shop Sydney Alexandria has for you. Different cyclists have their own preferences and therefore you can make a choice depending on your taste.

How to locate a bike shop

The internet has made things very easy. It is not really necessary to travel from one point to another looking for a bike shop. Two Monkeys Cycling Alexandria is one of the online bike shops which make it easy for cyclists to select their best mountain bike and place an order. You can as well check on other bike shops online and make comparisons of the type of bikes they sell before purchasing any of them.

In summary, you can clearly see that there are several things to consider while purchasing a bike. If you are new in the game, it is important to seek advice from experienced cyclist friends as well as any bike shop within your locality. More so, the internet has a lot of information about the best bikes in the world and where you can purchase them.

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