Guide to Types of Swimming Pool Filters

A private swimming pool in your own backyard is a good investment to have. It provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor space in your yard or to cool off in the summer. However, it takes a great deal of maintenance to keep your swimming pool in great condition. When you invest on items to keep your swimming pool clean, one of the most important accessories you need is a filter. Before you look for swimming pool filter online, you need to learn the different types available in the market for you to choose from.


Swimming Pool Filter Online


What Are Pool Filters For?


An online swimming pool filter is designed to maintain the cleanliness of your swimming pool. It is designed to effectively clean your pool water not just from visible foreign objects such as dirt and debris. Hence, it is not enough that you use a cleaning basket to remove any falling debris off of the pool surface. A swimming pool filter online shops have to offer provides a more thorough clean. It is also a good investment if you own a pool and do not have enough time to clean it manually.


When you try to find swimming pool filter online shops have today, you will discover that there are plenty to choose from. Learn more about each of the types available for you to buy below.


Guide to Pool Filters


Want to determine the best type of pool filter to use? Check out the common types for you to choose from:


Cartridge Filter: This is the most widely used type of swimming pool filter online shops have today because it is easy to use and inexpensive. This is also recommended for use on inground pools, which is the most common type of pool available today. A cartridge filter pushes water through the filter so that it can capture any debris that passes though it. Another reason why this type of filter is popular is because it does not clog up easily. Hence, you can leave it to use for a long time without the need to clean or replace it often. To make it last longer, you need to clean it once or twice per season. More information brand name: Enviroswim


Sand Filter: A sand filter is one of the most unique types of filters used on swimming pools. It requires the use of a specialized type of graded sand. When water enters through a tank and diffuser, it is forced to pass through the sand that captures any debris. Once the water passes through the sand filter, it is now free of debris.


DE Filter: This type of filter uses diatomaceous earth that can effectively filter even the tiniest pieces of debris. Hence, this is the best type of filter to use when you want to thoroughly clear your pool of debris.


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