How Criminal Lawyers Protect Your Rights

According to the justice system, a person is innocent until proven guilty. However, each step in the system, from the time of arrest to the actual court proceeding, is fraught with traps where defendants could ruin their chances of a fair trial. You must ally yourself with one of the many reliable criminal lawyers Perth has to offer to avoid self-incrimination.

Criminal Investigations

Sadly, most people only seek the help of criminal lawyers in Perth when they’re finally arrested and charged with a crime. More often than not, law enforcers do not arrest people on a whim – a formal charge is made after a thorough investigation.

Law experts recommend that if you’re the subject of an investigation, you should hire a lawyer right away. Some people make the mistake of rejecting legal advice because they think it makes them look guilty. However, without a lawyer to properly guide you, you might be unknowingly saying or doing things that will make you look even more guilty.

For example, if you are under investigation for the federal offense of embezzlement, law enforcers would always keep tabs on your finances and records. Spending a lot of money, shopping around and purchasing luxurious items might seem normal to you, but it could make you more suspicious in the eyes of law enforcement. Having a criminal lawyer by your side can minimize the risk of self-incrimination.

Time of Arrest

When a suspect gets arrested, they are specifically told that they have the right to an attorney, along with the right against self-incrimination. However, most people ruin their chances by either verbally assaulting the arresting officer or falling prey to law enforcement’s tedious interrogations. Once in police custody, the accused will be asked questions and law enforcers know how to ask the right questions which will confuse and intimidate the accused.

The goal of law enforcement during an interrogation is not only to seek answers but to attempt to get a confession out of the accused. They repeat and rephrase questions in hopes that the accused would trip and unknowingly contradict himself. Even if you don’t have money, there are available criminal lawyers Perth court offers to represent your case. The important thing is not to go through the questioning alone. Refuse to answer questions until you see your lawyer.

Court Proceedings

A criminal lawyer has a lot of responsibilities once the court proceedings are on-going. At the arraignment, they turn in the plea, which is “not guilty” most of the time. Most people who choose to represent themselves choose a “guilty” plea to get it over with and to hopefully receive a lower sentence. By doing so, you give up your right to a fair proceeding, so it’s better to choose one of the many reliable criminal lawyers Perth community recommends rather than representing yourself.

Throughout the entire process, your lawyer’s duty is to ensure that you get a fair trial and that the proceedings go in your favor. They will question everything, from the choice of court location to the judge presiding, to ensure that you will get the fair and honest proceedings you deserve.

So the next time you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, your first goal is to find the best criminal lawyers Perth has to offer to guarantee a fair trial. Even if you’re just under suspicion with an impending investigation, having a lawyer by your side means minimizing the risk of getting yourself into trouble. For more information about criminal lawyers in Perth, visit

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