How to Pack Your Items Before Renting Storage Units

Do you have a lot of items but little storage at home? You need to check storage units available for rent such as those from Perth Metro Storage. This is the next best thing to keeping your valuable items at home because these facilities are guarded and secured. Hence, you can expect worry-free storage for your personal belongings until such time you have more space available at home.
If you have decided to use a unit for self storage in Perth, you need to follow these packing tips:
Use Pallets
When you rent a unit at Perth Metro Storage or any other self storage facilities in Perth, you might think that you can simply dump your items into the unit. This could mean piling up boxes after another of items onto the floor. But even the most secure facilities are not immune to the wrath of nature. Flooded water can penetrate into the units and damage your belongings. Hence it is always a good idea to invest in pallets so your boxes or items are slightly elevated off the floor.
Use a Small Lock
When choosing a self storage facility, security is the primary consideration you should be making. However, even the most secure facilities can be broken into. Thus, it is important to take extra measures to secure your items within the unit. You need to double lock everything with the use of a small lock. It is imperative to use a small key such that a deadbolt won’t fit into the lock, preventing it from being sliced open with this tool.
Add Labels
When you have to use a storage facility, it only means that you have a ton of items that need storing. For that, you have to label each item or category of items as you pack them. This will make it easier to locate the items you need later when you want to take them out of the storage facility.
Wrap Everything
Aside from using pallets, it is also a good preventive measure to wrap all of the items stored within a facility. A basic industrial wrap should get the job done. Even when you use a pallet to avoid your items getting wet in case of flooding, wrapping them will provide extra protection from rodents and other types of pests.
Fill Each Box
When you are using boxes to store your items, make sure that they are filled to the top. This will make it easier to organize and store the boxes on top of each other. If the boxes are not filled, they will crumble at the top and make it difficult to stack them (or could risk getting your items damaged). Plus, there is no question that using boxes is the most organized way to pack your items into a storage unit.
Would you like to use the space at self storage facilities Perth has to offer? Check out Perth Metro Storage at You can guarantee that your valuable items will be safe and secure at their facility.
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