Severe Consequences of Domestic Violence

Different people dread different things for different reasons. Although some problems come when people least expect them, they hardly look at the consequences with a sharper eye. Among the life issues that most people dread most is being involved in a domestic violence case. Domestic violence causes broken relationships, dysfunctional families and physical injuries among others. The legal punishment for domestic violence is severe and dreadful among most countries globally. Numerous laws have been enacted in relation to domestic violence. When you get involved in a domestic violence case, it is always important to consult a qualified domestic violence lawyer Gold Coast has to chat a favorable way forward. Here are several severe consequences of domestic cases.

Fines and prison time

Most people don’t know that a slap on their spouse’s face can trigger a jail term or heavy fines. Once a criminal protective order is issued, the law doesn’t treat the battler in a friendly way. It is an offense that most laws in different countries are keen on. Most legal systems across the world have specialized and enhanced sentences for domestic violence offenses. If for instance a spouse or child suffers domestic violence, there is a law that protects them. They may only need to look for an experienced domestic violence lawyer Gold Coast has to present their case in court for justice to be revealed.

Employment loss

It is good to know that every crime you commit has a stigma attached to it. This stigma becomes a poisonous element in your reputation. Once you are convicted of domestic violence, this record starts to work against the reputation that you have in your workplace. In fact, you don’t only risk losing your job, but also risk being denied employment in some organizations and occupations. In most cases, people with records of domestic violence can hardly work for the government in some countries. If the domestic violence allegations brought against you are false, it is always good to make your Gold Coast domestic violence lawyer know about it to determine how to handle it. Click here Caldwell Family Law

Loss of visitation rights or child custody

When a court is about to determine a divorce case, it first digs to know if there has been domestic violence between the spouses. If the spouses had been involved in domestic violence, the court may deny the culprit or crime victim visitation rights. This means you are denied the right to visit your children or even spouse if you were the cause of the violence. Most court judges across the world do this with the best interests of the minor children in mind.

Revocation or denial of a state license

This is one of the most painful consequences of domestic violence. The court may rule out that the person behind the violence may never engage some business opportunities such as selling real estate. They may also never be issued with a state license and they not be allowed to operate or work in a care facility. However, the penalties may be reduced depending on how the domestic violence lawyer Gold Coast has argues your case.

Whether you can access a competent lawyer or not, it is good to avoid domestic violence at all levels. Spouses who get involved in domestic violence as their children watch affect the self-esteem of those children. Some kids may even hate one gender or marriage entirely due to domestic violence.



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