Underrated Causes of Laboratory Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical complications that occur due the negligence of any of the medical professionals are the basis for most malpractice claims today. It is important to note that it’s not only the doctors, surgeons, and nurses who are linked to medical malpractice. Patients could also file malpractice lawsuits if the medical laboratory technicians are also found liable. Errors that take place in medical laboratories are an increasingly dangerous phenomenon, yet most overlooked. Without the help of qualified medical malpractice lawyers New York has to offer, it is not easy to prove a medical lab technician was negligent. Laboratory medical malpractice claims occur due to:

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Mislabeling specimen

All laboratory technicians are expected to deal carefully with any specimen they receive in the laboratory. Most doctors prescribe treatments based on the laboratory findings they get. If the findings were wrong, the doctor would give the wrong treatment. Mislabeling means the technician could fail to label the specimen or use the wrong names when labeling. According to most medical malpractice lawyers New York has to offer, most patients ignorantly don’t find laboratories a possible cause of a malpractice case.

Misplacing or losing lab results

Once lab results are misplaced or lost, the patient could get into a health crisis. Some specimens take about a week to be processed. If the patient was from another city or country and expected results to be sent technologically to their home doctor, having their results misplaced could be the greatest misfortune ever. Their health condition could deteriorate as they wait for results they would never get. If the lab technicians decide to fake the results to avoid problems, they could be risking the life of the patient. Sometimes the results are faked especially if the patient developed the problem when they slipped and fell in a hospital facility. However, medical malpractice attorneys work with a slip and fall attorney to discover the truth.

Wrong blood type transfusion

Wrong blood type transfusion is probably the worst laboratory medical malpractice that could ever happen. Before blood is transfused into a patient, lab professionals analyze the blood group to ensure compatibility. If a patient suffers blood hemolysis due to wrong blood type transfusion, those who analyzed it are liable for malpractice. Sometimes blood compatibility is wrongly done due to incompetence or carelessness. The patient should not just take the apologies that come their way. They should rather hire medical malpractice attorneys who understand the 911 compensation fund policy to get to the root cause of this issue and probably file a malpractice lawsuit.

Misinterpretation of the results

Sometimes lab technicians misinterpret results and this becomes the beginning of the end. If the technicians, for instance, conclude they saw cancerous cells while it was not actually so, the patient could be treated for the wrong condition. The cancer drugs they get could work against their normal cells causing serious health complications. Once the medical malpractice lawyers New York has to offer are certain that results were misinterpreted, the next that follows is filing a malpractice lawsuit against those who did the misinterpretation.

Next time you go to a medical lab for specimen collection and analysis, just be cautious. First, get to know how they handle specimens and if those handling them know the consequences of losing or misinterpreting lab results. Some people ask their medical malpractice lawyer to accompany them when going for a lab test to be safe just in case things go wrong later.

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